Lawrence O’Donnell Drops A Truth Bomb: Failed Speaker Paul Ryan Can’t Stop Robert Mueller

Lawrence O’Donnell explained a truth that Republicans don’t want to hear. No memo coming from failed Speaker Paul Ryan’s House can stop Robert Mueller from getting to the truth.


The Last Word host said, “In the March toward the truth in the investigation of the president of the United States. Even though the memo story is not going to add to our understanding of where the investigation is now and where it is going, it is still important for other reasons. I grant that. It has definitely solidified, for example, Paul Ryan’s place in history as an unprincipled failure as Speaker of the House.”

O’Donnell later explained why the memo and Ryan’s sellout to Trump won’t stop Robert Mueller, “But that won’t stop Robert Mueller from pursuing the truth. And that’s what he’s doing tonight right now. That’s what he’ll be doing tomorrow if the memo is released, and that’s what he’ll be doing a month from now when the memos are forgotten.”

Lawrence O’Donnell nailed it. The memo isn’t going to change anything. The Mueller investigation is going to continue to grind forward day after day, relentlessly inching toward the truth. Paul Ryan has turned the House into an army of flying monkeys for Trump, but they can’t stop Mueller. The memo can only give Trump some talking points to discredit Mueller’s findings.

If Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, he only hurts himself and the Congressional Republicans like Paul Ryan who is doing his bidding. Paul Ryan sold out his country, but he is a failed speaker who will never be able to save his president from the Russia scandal tide that is coming to sweep them all out to sea.