Trump Whipping Boy Paul Ryan Offers Up An Absolutely Disgusting Defense Of Devin Nunes

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan offered up a disgusting defense of Devin Nunes that accused Democrats of playing politics, while he tried to change the subject to tax cuts.


Ryan said, “They are just playing politics and looking for a political distraction is what I get out of that. Look the tax cuts are working. Tax reform is work. ISIS is on the run. Things are going well. Economic confidence is at a 17 year high. They would love nothing more than to play politics and change the subject. Devin Nunes shepherded through re-authorization of 702 which is the foreign surveillance law. He’s focusing on keeping our country safe. What they are trying to do is sidetrack us for some political game.”

Speaker Ryan accused Democrats of playing politics and trying to sidetrack the country while he tried to sidetrack a question about Devin Nunes with talking points about how the tax cuts are working. The House Republicans really have convinced themselves that the tax cuts will save them from a bloodbath. (They won’t). Ryan’s answer defending Nunes was disgusting because he claimed that Nunes is focused on keeping the country safe, but anyone who is really focused on keeping the country safe isn’t actively engaging in efforts to sabotage the FBI.

Ryan made it clear that he has sold his soul to Putin through Trump, and he is fully committed to going down with the Trump ship.