The White House Is Freaking Out And Worrying That The Nunes Memo Is A Dud

Sources inside the White House paint the Nunes memo as underwhelming and are worried that it will be a dud.

Axios reported, “Inside the Trump administration, sources who’ve been briefed on the Nunes memo expect it will be underwhelming and not the “slam dunk” document it’s been hyped up to be…Trump still wants to release the memo. But there are a number of people in the White House who are fairly underwhelmed, and there’s internal anxiety about whether it’s worth angering the FBI director and intelligence community by releasing this information.”

Here is how the Nunes memo is going to play out

The White House is going to release the memo probably after Trump leaves to take his weekend vacation at one of his properties, and Fox News will go into total sell mode, and Trump will overhype this document by a million-fold on Twitter. Meanwhile, journalists, experts, and non-Trump defenders will look at what Nunes has cooked up, find holes big enough to drive a truck through, and unless Trump immediately fires Rosenstein, the memo will be forgotten by early next week.

The concern coming from the White House suggests that the memo isn’t going to be the game changer that Trump has dreamed of, but it may give him cover to fire the Deputy Attorney General.

The administration should be freaked out because they are about to alienate the intelligence community and motivate those who are investigating the Russia scandal to work even harder to get to the truth.

Donald Trump and his defenders are about to escalate a fight that they can’t and will never win.