A Former Watergate Special Prosecutor Just Went There And Said Russia Is Blackmailing Trump

Former assistant Watergate special prosecutor Nick Akerman said that Trump is doing Putin’s work for him, and it looks like the president is being blackmailed by Russia.


Akerman said on MSNBC, “This is a job that is being done for Putin. It really — ironically confirms everything that Christopher Steele said. The reason Christopher Steele went to the FBI in the first place was because he believed he was seeing a crime in action. That is a major political candidate for president who is under the thumb of the Soviets — or I shouldn’t say Soviet, but the Russians and was subject to blackmail. And that is what it looks like is happening.”

Nunes and Trump unleashed something that they never saw coming with the release of the memo. Elements of the scandal that people would rarely discuss in public like the potential for Trump to be blackmailed are being aired on national television. Trump thought that he was going to put the FBI and Mueller on the defensive with the memo, but all he has managed to do is call attention to the elements of the Russia scandal that may have gotten lost in the shuffle over time.

For example, we don’t know if Trump is susceptible to Russian blackmail because he has never released his tax returns. The American people know nothing about his business or his personal finances. Trump has fought against transparency every step of the way, and now as president, he is using the power of his office to destroy the intelligence community.

Trump is doing Putin’s bidding, and one suspects that Robert Mueller already knows why. Trump is frantically trying to shut down the Russia investigation because it can destroy his presidency and his life.

If you want to find the crime, all that you need to do is follow the money, but cash is the connection between Putin and Trump.

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