If Trump Wants A War, He’s Got It As James Comey Crushes The GOP’s FBI Memo

Former FBI Director James Comey crushed the Trump/Nunes FBI memo as dishonest and urged the FBI and DOJ to continue doing their jobs.

Comey tweeted:

Comey summed it up perfectly. The memo is nothing. There is nothing there. The Nunes memo is a repackaging and bundling together of various GOP conspiracy theories and myths wrapped around some cherry-picked intelligence statements that no one associated with the memo appears to have read.

James Comey was correct. There is nothing in this document that should scare the FBI or throw them off of the trail of justice.

It is evident that Trump has openly declared war on the FBI and the Bureau seems to be responding by telling him to bring it on because they are still going to do their jobs. The President and his allies have a picked a fight that they will never win, but Trump’s choice is either to let law enforcement finish the job and probably get him thrown out of office or to try and stop the FBI and probably get impeached.

Either way, the FBI, and DOJ aren’t going to stop, and that should be a comfort to every single American.

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