Memo Nightmare Grows For Republicans As Democrats Bust Trump For Running The Plot


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) busted Trump on CNN for running memo plot from the White House as she made it publicly known that none of the Republicans pushing the memo read the 50 page FISA warrant against Carter Page.



Speier said on CNN’s Erin Burnett Out Front, “First of all, we know now that this memo has been released, that it’s really a political document. It’s political talking points. And it was written by one staffer, the author of the memo, the chairman, Nunes, never even took the time to read the underlying FISA application of 50 pages. There were only three members of the committee that even had access to that. And yet we were taking on faith this political document and allowing it to become public? I mean, that’s how low they have gone in terms of trying to protect the president. And I think it’s all being orchestrated out of the White House. And the entities that they are now criticizing are run by Republicans. So it really smacks of just a bad effort to try and, once again, create another distraction.”

With Devin Nunes involved, it is a certainty that this was a White House operation. Nunes refused to answer when asked during an Intelligence Committee meeting if he had communicated with or if the White House had written the memo. It is obvious that the White House didn’t just see the memo recently. This was a Trump run scam, an effort to conspire with his lackey in the House to abuse his oversight power to give the President cover to fire Rod Rosenstein.

The memo was a Trump run operation, which is why it was no surprise when the whole thing laughably fell apart.