Rachel Maddow Unleashes An Epic Takedown Of Fox News And Their Humiliating Memo Dud

Rachel Maddow had some rare words for Fox News as she pointed out to their humiliation that the memo that they have been hyping for two weeks disproves their FBI conspiracy.


Maddow said, “I can’t believe this is it. I don’t really believe in the whole cable news wars idea. I know people who work across the street at the Fox News channel. I have friends this work there. I think we’re all doing our own thing our own way the best we can, but oh my god. they have been hyping and hyping and huffing and puffing and working their audience into a frenzy for two solid weeks. They have literally built a right-wing public movement that this memo must be released because this memo will fix the trump presidency. It will fix the Russia scandal for President Trump and make the whole thing go away. Apparently, despite that, apparently they didn’t know or they didn’t notice that this thing they have been clambering for and hyping for two solid weeks, that they have built up this frenzy around disproves their whole point.”

Fox News did build the right wing into a frenzy over this memo, and what they got was a total disappointment. Make no mistake this is a massive humiliation for Fox News, not so much with their viewers who will follow them until the end of time, but with the rest of America who isn’t the 2-3 million who watch Fox News each day.

As Fox has drifted into becoming state-run television, they have fallen more and out of step with mainstream America. Fox News used to be able to set narratives that would find their way into the mainstream press. Fox News influenced the national political discussion, but all of that is slipping away. Fox News has become niche programming for the cult of Trump.

Fox News is a reflection of the bubble that is the Trump presidency. Trump has such limited appeal that more than a quarter of his State Of The Union audience came from Fox.

America is living under a tyranny of the far right minority, and when you think about the winners and losers from the great Republican memo failure, keep in mind that one of the biggest losers was Fox News.