Memo Backfires And Triggers Trump To Call The FBI An Obama/Hillary Conspiracy

The memo was supposed to give Trump political cover. Instead, it triggered a mentally unstable president to claim that the FBI is an Obama/Hillary Clinton conspiracy against him.

Trump tweeted:

Republicans are trying to use the memo to kill the Russia investigation, but this concept appears to be too complex for Trump, who is only capable of seeing everything through a paranoid and need good or bad for me lens. The memo wasn’t supposed to trigger Trump into a meltdown. It was intended for use as a political weapon.

The document hasn’t even been released yet, and Trump has already bungled the messaging. The White House was freaking out because they realized that the Nunes memo might be a dud that can’t save them from Mueller’s investigation. Trump’s paranoid rant only served to make things worse.

Trump has destroyed any chance that the memo will be taken seriously by the rest of the country because he lacks the basic self-control and personal discipline to stick to a simple message.

The memo was intended to get Republicans out from under the Russia scandal cloud, but all it really did was set Trump off on a delusional conspiracy rant that alienated the majority of the country.