Nunes’ Memo Helped His Own Challenger Raise $100,000 In Two Days

The massively hyped memo written by GOP congressman Devin Nunes has backfired in several ways, and on Saturday, the campaign of Andrew Janz, the Democratic candidate running against Nunes for his seat in the California House, revealed another way it blew up in the Republican’s face.

According to Heather Greven, Janz’ campaign manager, the controversy led to more than $100,000 in donations for the Democrat in just two days — $57,112 on Thursday and $54,394 on Friday.

“Our dramatic increase in contributions is a direct reflection of Nunes’s actions,” Greven told The Hill. “[Nunes] has given Andrew’s campaign the best gift we could have received, he put a national target on his back and has made this a top 5 race. He is doing everything possible to make this a winnable race for us.”

Nunes’ memo was supposed to contain evidence of a corrupt Russia investigation, with abuses of power committed by the FBI and the Department of Justice. Instead, it’s been widely discredited as containing nothing to prove that the Mueller probe has been conducted unlawfully. In fact, what the memo actually provides is more proof that Trump has been trying to — and continues to try to — obstruct justice.