Trump Buries His Head In A West Palm Beach Sand Trap After The GOP Memo Flops

After the highly anticipated Republican memo turned out to be an incredible flop, Donald Trump scurried off to his golf club in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday.

According to The Hill, “President Trump visited Trump International Golf Club on Saturday, amid controversy over a House intelligence memo that he declassified the previous day.”

The trip to his Florida property comes after the GOP memo was released to the public, despite pushback from the FBI and Justice Department. Sadly for the president and his GOP protectors, the document turned out to be a four-page pile of nothing.

As the Huffington Post pointed out on Friday, “The much-hyped document reveals almost no new information, and is full of inaccuracies and omissions.”

Huffpo continued: “The resulting document is boring and tendentious, and it’s hard to understand why Republicans were so excited to get it out and why the FBI and Democrats were so determined to keep it secret. It’s such a dud that it was probably more valuable to Republicans when it was still a secret document.”

It’s no surprise, then, that after firing off some unhinged, grammatically questionable tweets Saturday morning, the president ran off to bury his head in a sand trap. Despite the junk Rasmussen poll Trump mentioned this morning, his presidency is crumbling around him.

According to the handy NBC News tracker, Saturday’s visit to his Florida golf club marks the 95th trip he’s made to one of his golf courses since taking office. It’s his 124th visit overall to one of his properties.

To put that in perspective, Trump has spent more than a quarter of his presidency golfing and about one-third lounging at one of his ritzy properties.

With Robert Mueller’s investigation moving full-speed toward the White House, there’s a good chance Donald Trump will have ample opportunity in the not-so-distance future to visit his properties on his own time.