Donald Trump Jr. Admits That The Memo Is A Revenge Plot Against Democrats

During an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. called the memo sweet revenge for the Trump family.


Trump Jr. said, “The real problem I have had other than millions in legal fees and lots of time wasted and being smeared throughout the media. At least they uncovered this. What if they wouldn’t have. There is a little bit of sweet revenge for me and the family in the sense if they wouldn’t have done this, this stuff would be going on. This would be going on at the highest levels of government. They would be continuing to do it to my father.”

Trump Jr. admitted that the family views the memo, not as new proof in the Russia investigation, but as revenge against those who are investigating them. He also said that his dad’s first year in office would have gone better without the Russia scandal and that the investigation is a conspiracy against Trump by Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Trumps are very upfront with their belief that the memo will make the Russia scandal go away.

The memo already had zero credibility, but Donald Trump Jr. lit the memo on fire when he spoke of it as a political document that his family views as revenge.

The Trump kids aren’t bright, but Don Jr. consistently proves that he is the dimmest of them all.