A Frantic Donald Trump Jr. Babbles About Democrats Being Commies As Bob Mueller Closes In

Donald Trump Jr., a man who has taken money from actual communists, ranted and raved on Fox News about Democrats being commies as the special counsel investigation closes in on him.


This was Trump Jr.’s “insight” into the Democrats and the 2018 election, “The problem is rather than being reasonable and coming to the table, they forced themselves first and further left. They are left of commie right now. And I don’t think that’s where America is. I think people want some moderation in their thought from their leaders.”

Trump Jr. is not wearing the Russia scandal well

Little Trump tried to pretend like the 2018 election is going to be about the economy. That’s cute. The 2018 election is going to be about his father taking away healthcare from millions of Americans. The election will be about the unstable and erratic behavior of an extremist president. The election will focus on how Trump has failed at everything besides cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations, and there is a good chance that the election becomes about the Russia investigation.

I’m sure that Don Jr. remembers the Russia investigation being that he is one Robert Mueller filing away from being criminally indicted.

Democrats aren’t the commies here. The family that took money from the Russians and collaborated with former communists/current authoritarians to sabotage American democracy, those folks are the commies.

The Trump family isn’t fooling anyone outside of the Fox News bubble. They’re terrified of Bob Mueller, and they know that the Special Counsel is going to uncover exactly what they have done.

When Donald Trump Jr. gets led away in cuffs, don’t be surprised if his last words as a free man are some kind of babble about how the Democratic commies are out to get him.

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