6 Idiots Arrested After The Patriots’ Super Bowl Loss Sparks Riot In Massachusetts

An angry crowd of roughly 2,000 people gathered at the University of Massachusetts Amherst last night after The New England Patriots lost 41-33 to The Eagles in this year’s Super Bowl.

The gathering first appeared to mostly consist of students yelling “Fuck The Eagles!” but eventually devolved into a violent scene, resulting in six people being arrested and 12 having to be taken to the hospital.

Despite numerous fights breaking out, students throwing cans and bottles of beer and soda, trash cans being overturned and thrown, and the chaos being so intense that police had to use tear gas to control the mob, the university’s spokesman was unwilling to refer to the event as a “riot.”

“It seemed like there were hundreds of [students], and they were screaming,” Caroline O’Connor, a senior at the school, told The Boston Globe. “Toilet paper was being thrown, people were climbing poles and throwing alcohol; beer cans, that kind of stuff.”

Sounds a lot like a riot.

The Patriots’ loss came as a welcome surprise to most of the country — which is unsurprising, given that they’re widely considered to be the most hated football team around. The fact that Trump’s friend Tom Brady is on the team and is being handed most of the blame and shame for the loss comes as a bonus for the millions celebrating The Eagles’ victory.