Adam Schiff Burns Trump To The Ground After Insult Nickname Stunt

Trump tried to pull his insult nickname stunt on House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff, and Schiff’s response was to burn the president to the ground.

Trump tweeted:

Schiff responded:

Adam Schiff doesn’t play

The lesson here for Trump is that he is dealing with grown-ups now, and Adam Schiff isn’t going to play with him. By the way, Trump also appears to be out of insult nicknames. He also used a version of the “little” nickname on Marco Rubio, so even Trump’s gimmicks have reached the point of recycling. Notice that every single person that Trump called a liar and a leaker has also been involved with the Russia investigation in some way, so the president thinks that everyone who is or has investigated him is a liar. That is paranoia hard at work.

Trump stuck his toe in the Adam Schiff waters and was bitten by a shark. This should be a lesson to the president that the man who could very well be leading the House Russia investigation in less than a year isn’t someone to trifle with. Schiff is Trump’s worst nightmare.

Rep. Schiff is a serious and intelligent former prosecutor who is determined to get to the truth on the Russia scandal.

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