Lawrence O’Donnell Brings The Brutal Truth About Trump Committing A Crime If He Talks To Mueller

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell brought the cold hard truth that if Trump talks to Robert Mueller he will definitely commit a crime.


O’Donnell said, “Everyone, and now I really mean everyone, around Donald Trump believes that if he agrees to an interview with the special prosecutor he will absolutely commit a crime right in front of the prosecutors during that interview. We know that all of his supporters on TV believe that the president is incapable of telling the truth and will definitely commit the crime of perjury.”

Lawrence O’Donnell was right. Everyone around Trump knows that he will commit a crime if he talks to Robert Mueller. The delusional president is under the belief that he can lie his way past the special prosecutor. Despite the fact that Trump has been warned that Robert Mueller is a killer, Trump still thinks that he is the defendant in one of the many, many civil suits that have been filed against him and his organization.

This isn’t the Trump Organization buying their way out of a civil suit. This is a Special Counsel investigating the President Of The United States. Trump doesn’t understand the stakes, but what remains a fundamental truth is that Donald Trump can’t stop lying. His lies are a pathological behavior. If Trump sits down and starts talking to Robert Mueller, he will lie, because that is what he can’t keep himself from doing.

Lying is like breathing for Donald Trump, which is why his lawyers have to keep him away from Robert Mueller for as long as they can.

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