Republicans In Congress Are Taking Money From Russia And Richard Painter Wants An Investigation

Former Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter went there and called for an investigation into Republicans in Congress who are taking money from Russia.


Painter said on The Beat With Ari Melber, “They are trying to cover up for President Trump and obstruct the Mueller investigation and do everything but protect our country from the Russians. What that committee ought to be doing is focusing on the Russians and who is collaborating with the Russians, and the other issue is the Russians have been funneling money through people with dual citizenship to members of Congress. We ought to find out about that. How many members of Congress who are attacking Bob Mueller and attacking the FBI how many of them are getting money from the Russians? Because we do not need the Russians interfering with our elections anymore.”

The NRA is being investigated by the FBI for laundering money from Russia to Trump during the 2016 campaign, and there have been reports that other members of Congress have taken donations that have come from Russia but were laundered through Americans with dual citizenship.

It is possible that many of the Republican lawmakers who are attacking Mueller are doing so at the request of their Russian donors. The Russian infiltration of US politics doesn’t end with Donald Trump. Putin has gotten himself into the Republican Party, and before Americans can get the Russians out of their elections, the Republicans will have to get the Russians out of the GOP.