Watch Devin Nunes Collude With Trump And Fox News On TV To Attack Adam Schiff

This is how the Republican Russia cover-up circle works. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) works with Fox News to attack Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) while Donald Trump tweets about it as he watches.

Trump tweeted:

An hour later, Nunes and Fox News picked up the narrative:

Video of Nunes attacking Schiff on Fox and Friends:

Nunes said, “Mr. Schiff knows he is spreading false narrative there. But that is not new for him. He is spread false narrative the entire time. So the Democrats are well aware that I did not leak information.” Nunes also accused Democrats of over 100 leaks, “Look there is no question they want me gone but whatever they accuse you of doing, is what they’re doing. So we know that there has been almost 100 leaks that we believe have come from the Democrats in the house intelligence committee.”

The collusion to undermine the Russia investigation is centered in the White House

The example above shows how the collusion works. A false message gets pushed by Trump or the White House, which is then used or laundered by Nunes via abuse of his power in Congress, then spun back to Fox News for the Republican masses. The attack on Rep. Schiff was bogus and fact-free, but the purpose of is to discredit the investigators, not to get to the truth.

The White House and Nunes, who was a member of the Trump campaign and transition, are working together, and now they have turned their attention toward Adam Schiff. Rep. Schiff is relentless in his pursuit of the facts surrounding the Russia investigation, and the attack on Schiff is an effort to undermine the credibility of the Democratic memo before it sees the light of day.

Collusion is still happening, but it is now an effort by Republicans and their media to bury the facts about the Trump/Russia scandal.