The Blue Wave Erupts As Democrats Win Missouri State House Seat In A District Trump Carried By 28

There is something brewing in America, as Missouri state House seat in a district that Trump carried by 28 points has flipped to the Democrats.

Here is the DLCC tweet about Democrat Mike Revis winning in Missouri:

Rachel Maddow talked about the Democratic win in Missouri:

Maddow said, “What I want you to know about this state district 97, this was a district that went for Donald Trump in 2016 by almost 28 points. And tonight it looks like it went to a Democrat. This is statehouse race in Missouri, a district just outside St. Louis. Mike Revis is the Democrat that appears to have won there. Did I mention this was a district only Republicans won and Democrats didn’t bother to run last year?”

Democrats have now flipped 35 GOP held seats in the last year

Just when Republicans started to convince themselves that the midterms might not be a bloodbath, Missouri happened. The only explanation for this kind of flip is that Democrats are motivated and ready to take their country back. There is no reason for Republicans to lose in a district that Trump carried by 28 points unless Democrats are motivated, and Republicans don’t show up.

This dynamic is playing out in lower-tier races across the country. Trump has motivated Democrats and caused apathy within his own party. Democrats are rolling right now, as the blue wave is growing with each passing day.

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