Rachel Maddow Just Obliterated Trump’s Military Parade By Pointing Out That You’ll Pay For It

Rachel Maddow just destroyed any support that might have existed for Trump’s military parade by pointing out that taxpayers will pay for the parade and the damage that it will cause.


Maddow said, Seriously, The Washington Post reported that the president has ordered the Pentagon to plan a giant military parade for him in Washington. The president reportedly went to the Pentagon and met with top military officials about it in person because he’s serious, he wants a big military parade for himself. He wants tanks and missile launchers in Washington. He specifically wants them on Pennsylvania Avenue and so that is apparently what we are getting. You know, we sometimes have military parades to mark the ends of wars, in this case it’s apparently just because the president wants to see all the tanks and stuff. He just likes it. So now the military is working on this and the White House has confirmed they demanded it and the taxpayers will pay many, many millions of dollars for it, including having to rebuild Pennsylvania Avenue after the treads from 70-ton tanking churn it up and turn it into rubble.”

Trump is going to hold a military parade, and you’re paying for it

As Republicans in Congress are turning their attention toward cutting programs that assist the poor, Donald Trump wants to spend millions of dollars on a military parade for himself. Maddow nailed the not insignificant little detail that American taxpayers will be paying for the parade and the damage to infrastructure that it will cause. When a president has nothing to do all day but tweet and watch Fox News, these must be the sort of ideas that float through his head.

Trump will hop on Twitter and try to do his usual sales pitch, but Rachel Maddow has him dead to rights on this parade. If Trump wants a military parade, he should pay for it. Americans should have to go without food or health care just so that Trump can lounge in bed and watch the tanks roll by.

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