Trump Is Trying To Poison Indictments And Impeachment Against Him With FBI Attacks


House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) warned that Trump is trying to poison potential juries, indictments, and give Republicans a reason to turn a blind eye on impeachment by attacking the FBI.



Rep. Swalwell said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “We stick to the sources and methods they’ve already exposed, but we’ve already cleaned it up and put it into context they won’t provide. So our fear is that if the public has questions about the FBI when indictments come out and jurors are impaneled that we may not see a fair justice system and if the president did cross a line by committing obstruction of justice or working with the Russians that people in the house of representatives will not hold him accountable because people will say well, there was a taint at the FBI so we’ll look the other way. We didn’t want that perception out there.”

Both Democrats and Trump are planning for impeachment

If Mueller or the congressional investigations come back with evidence that Trump committed a crime, Democrats, if they control the House, are going to pursue impeachment. Trump has been trying to poison the well and give House Republicans an excuse not to support impeaching him by the pushing attacks on and conspiracy theories about the FBI.

One of the dynamics of modern American politics is that Democrats are constantly cleaning up the messes that Republicans make. After Republicans crashed the economy, Barack Obama and the Democratic congressional majority cleaned it up. Trump is poisoning the public well about the FBI, so Democrats want to release a memo to clean up the damage that has been done.

The story behind the memos is positioning for impeachment. Trump is trying to give himself an out, while Democrats are attempting to close the door to make sure that the justice system and impeachment process can function properly under the weight of presidential abuse.

Democrats are doing heroic work for their country, and they are the only barrier between Trump and authoritarian dreams.