Nancy Pelosi Is Setting An Amazing Record By Giving The Longest House Speech In 170 Years

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi has held the House floor since 10:04 AM ET, as she is delivering a marathon speech demanding a vote to keep the Dreamers in the country. Pelosi’s speech is the longest in the House in 170 years.

Video of NBC’s Chuck Todd giving details on the speech:

Todd said, “You’re looking live at the house floor. Where the House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has been speaking for nearly seven hours straight. She’s trying to force Speaker Ryan into committing to vote an on an immigration bill. She’s not asking for passage, just for commitment to — for a vote on an immigration bill and as far as we could tell, this is longest house speech in more than 170 years. Don’t call it a filibuster. That isn’t what it is. But she could speak for as long as she wants. Those are the privileges for one of the two party leaders.”

Here is live video of Pelosi on the House floor:

Nancy Pelosi has more energy in her little finger than Donald Trump has in his entire body. As Pelosi has demonstrated her effectiveness in combatting Trump during the year, calls for her to step down have grown quieter. Pelosi is the perfect person to do battle with Trump if Democrats take back the House, but until then, Pelosi is making a stand and highlighting an issue that Republicans don’t want to talk about, much less vote on.

Democratic voters have been screaming for a fight, and Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge.