Trump Chief Of Staff John Kelly Tried To Convince Wife Beater Rob Porter Not To Quit

White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter (center left) reminds U.S. President Donald Trump he had a bill to sign after he departed quickly following his remarks on the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, from his golf estate in Bedminster, New Jersey U.S. August 12, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Senior White House officials including Chief of Staff John Kelly tried unsuccessfully to convince White House staff secretary not to resign after two of his ex-wives came forward with abuse allegations.

After The Daily Mail published two stories about the abuse, Axios reported that senior officials in the White House tried to convince Porter to “stay and fight”:

Nobody pressured him to resign, per multiple officials. A White House official said senior officials were trying to convince Porter “to stay and fight.” Those officials included Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Porter claimed the allegations are false and part of a smear campaign against him:

It is not surprising that a White House that is run by a man who has been accused by dozens of women of sexual assault would stand by their man, but the message that this sends to the all of the abusers out there. The White House is delegitimizing domestic violence, as they attempt to criminalize a woman’s right to choose.

In Donald Trump’s White House even women who have photographic evidence of the abuse that they have suffered are not be believed.

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