Chuck Todd Unloads On Trump: The White House Has Reached A ‘Level Of Crazy’ We’ve Never Seen

Chuck Todd unloaded on Donald Trump on Thursday, saying he is a “reality TV star president” that has brought an unprecedented “level of crazy” to the White House.

In a monologue, Todd said, “It’s like we’re living inside a parody.”


Chuck Todd let the president have it:

It feels like we’ve reached a level of crazy in the White House, and it’s difficult to take it anymore. Reality TV appearances, tabloid gossip, conspiracy theories, name-calling, vulgarities, and a level of egomania few have ever seen in Washington. And that’s saying something. It’s like we’re living inside a parody. … ‘What would happen if Donald Trump became president? Omarosa would probably work in the West Wing! And then she’d leave to go on Big Brother to dish about Administration secrets! Ha!’ … Oh wait. That happened. … Folks, we’re not even surprised by this stuff any more. Just think about what we’ve seen, or endured, over the past 13 months of this presidency. The Twitter battles with a rival nuclear power, members of his own party, the special counsel, TV hosts, a Gold Star widow, the Justice Department, mayors, senators, governors, our allies and many people in between.

Todd touched on a number of Trump controversies that the media seems to have brushed over throughout the past year, whether it was his past support of white supremacists or the recent news that the president paid a porn star to keep quiet about their sexual encounters.

The overarching message that Todd was trying to convey was simple: We shouldn’t normalize the way this White House is being run, and too many people have.

“All of this is the legacy of our country’s first reality TV star president,” the MSNBC newsman said to conclude his remarks. “Where everything is personal, and it’s all about the show.”

At the end of the day, no Americans or media outlet should treat the behavior of this president or this White House as if it’s normal. Chuck Todd took exactly the right approach on Thursday – and other journalists should follow suit.