House Democrats Calls For Emergency Hearings After Revelation That Russia Hacked US Voter Rolls

House Judiciary Democrats have issued a letter calling for immediate emergency hearings after the revelation that Russia has hacked the US voter rolls.

Here is the letter:

FINAL DRAFT - Letter to Goodlatte re Election Security (2)

The Democratic members wrote, “It is our Committee’s responsibility to examine the vulnerabilities and risks facing our election processes and infrastructure in order to protect the right to vote for every American—a right that includes not just equal voting rights and access to the polls, but also confidence in the accuracy and security of our election systems. For these reasons, we urge you to hold immediate hearings on this fundamental issue.”

With the first 2018 midterm primary election coming up next month, it is vital that immediate hearings be held to discuss the US election infrastructure and election security. Trump is the problem, as the president and his White House have been blocking efforts to fight Russian election interference. American democracy needs a Democratic Congress to protect the integrity of US elections.

What Trump and his Republican enablers are trying to pull can’t be allowed to stand. The Russians hacked US voter rolls, and it is up to the Democratic Party, and concerned citizens of all ideologies to fight back against the biggest external threat to our system of governance in the nation’s history.