Trump’s Russia Cover Story Just Fell Apart As White House Can’t Provide Evidence Of FBI Bias


Deputy White House Press Secretary Raj Shah was asked to provide evidence of FBI bias besides the texts, and he had nothing.



Q: From the podium, Sarah said that those texts are evidence of political bias. Now, everyone has opinions, so is the — how is the view of the administration that persons who are not fans of the president should not be allowed to investigate him, and, also, can you point to any evidence other than the text messages that the investigation was conducted by people who were biassed other than these texts? I mean, was there anything in the investigation?


Shah: You bring up the issue that the president and others talked about within the administration about political bias and the FBI and the department of justice, and this predates this investigation. There’s a number of issues regarding how the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation was handled by the former FBI director and others in the FBI raised questions when it comes to the text messages that you reference. That’s not the considered judgment of the president or others, but it is the judgment of the special counsel who had him removed from the case because specifically citing political bias, so there’s a number of issues. There’s a department of justice inspector general report that we’ve heard about looking into the issue further.

The White House has no proof of anti-Trump FBI bias

Shaw’s answer above when he was asked for evidence of FBI bias beyond the texts was to repeat the Trump talking points about the texts. Shah offered no additional evidence of FBI bias because he couldn’t. There is no evidence that the FBI is biased against Trump. The claim of bias is an effort by the president to discredit the Russia investigation.

If the White House has real proof of bias, let’s see it. Shah’s answer was another step closer to Trump Russia cover story coming totally unglued. A story that fell apart under the tiniest bit of scrutiny will be a burning pile of ash by the time Robert Mueller has finished his investigation.