Trump’s Own White House Ignores His Calls For A Shutdown And Says He’ll Sign The Budget Deal

More proof that Trump’s own White House isn’t paying any attention to him came when the White House released a statement saying that Trump would sign the budget deal, days after Trump himself said he would support shutting down the government.

Here is Trump saying that he wants a shutdown:

Trump said, “If we don’t change this, get rid of the loopholes, where killers and gang members can come into our country, if we don’t change it, we’ll have a shutdown. We’ll do a shutdown, and it’s worth it for our country. I would love to see a shut down if we don’t get this taken care of.”

This is the statement of administration policy just released by the White House:

The entire federal government is ignoring the deranged ramblings or the president, whose statements and words are obviously meaningless and have no bearing on policy. The country is without a president, and Donald Trump doesn’t even have a clue.

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