Trump Is Asleep On The Job As The Lights Are Off In The White House While Government Shuts Down

According to Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Rachel Maddow, the government has shut down, but the lights are off in the White House as Trump appears to be asleep on the job.



Rachel Maddow: Senator, there have been reports that the lights in the white house residence and the oval office are off. We certainly haven’t heard anything from the white house. Obviously, the White House is distracted by the scandal surrounding the staff secretary who was forced out today amid some disturbing revelations. Is there any indication at all that the president is working the phone into the wee hours, that the white house, the president himself are involved in trying to address this, treating this like it’s a problem?

Sen. Merkley: No. I don’t think the white house is engaged at all. And we certainly know that in terms of a piece of this puzzle, which is the issue of the DREAM Act, the president had a choice. He could be the deal maker. Or he could be the deal breaker. He chose to be the latter, that is the person who said I’m going the inflame immigration. I’m going to talk about MS-13 gangs, we are going to demonize all immigrants coming into America. That president that we saw emerge after an initial deal maker conference at the white house is the one that we seem to have. And he seems to be determined if you will to make this into a campaign issue rather than to resolve the legal status of our dreamers. And we don’t see him engaged in any way.

The government has shut down for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, and Trump is MIA

Trump is ignoring his duties as president. If Donald Trump is awake at this moment, he is probably on his phone with a recorded Fox News program playing in the background as he chats with friends about just how awful the media is to him.

Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans are proving that they are the toddlers of governing in that if they are left unattended, they will color on the walls, eat paste, and most likely destroy your entire home all the while running down the hallway screaming shrieks of joy as their collective pants have vanished into thin air.

Times like these cry out for the steady hand of presidential leadership. Instead, America has asleep at the wheel Donald Trump.