John Kelly’s Own Staff Turn On Him And Call Him A Liar

Trump appears set to go through another chief of staff as John Kelly’s own staff is telling reporters that their boss is a liar.

Despite numerous denials from the White House that Kelly’s job is in jeopardy, there’s this from Axios’ Jonathan Swan:

Kellyanne Conway said that Kelly’s job is not in jeopardy on CNN’s State Of The Union:

Conway said, “I spoke to the president last night, and I told him I’d be with you today, and he said please tell Jake that I have full faith in chief of staff John Kelly and I’m not actively searching for replacements.”

Kellyanne Conway didn’t talk to Trump because Trump doesn’t talk like that. She is making up a quote from Trump. This White House always denies that they are looking to fire someone when they are trying to get a staffer out. It is what they do. If Kelly’s own staff thinks that he is a liar that means that in Trump’s as he said about James Comey, words the White House staff has lost confidence in him and he has to go.

It is only a matter of time before the lying president sends his lying chief of staff out the door and to a gig on Fox News.