Katy Tur Destroys Trump By Listing All The Ways That He Has Leaked Or Mishandled Classified Intel


MSNBC’s Katy Tur ran through a damming of all the ways that Trump and his administration have leaked or mishandled classified intelligence while he has been in office.


Tur said, “Just listing those facts that Donald Trump has done or allowed in the past year in office, the Kislyak meeting, the Kushner access, the porter access, the GOP memo, the unsecured phone in the early days of his administration.”


Katy was limiting herself to proven facts. There are a variety of other reports out there that Trump has been fast and loose with classified information. Trump has been known to boast and brag about classified info in front of his friends and foreign governments. Trump and the Republicans ran against Hillary Clinton on the bogus claim that she mishandled classified information.

It turns out that Clinton’s imaginary crimes are nothing compared to the real world mishandling of classified intelligence that happens in the Trump administration on a daily basis. The country might be safer if Trump doesn’t read his daily briefing because as Katy Tur made clear, Trump’s mouth and disregard for classified information make him a national security risk with whatever secrets he has.