Trump Drama Over Nothing As No Biological Or Weaponized Substances Found In Vanessa Trump Letter

There have been no biological or weaponized substances founded in a letter addressed to Donald Trump Jr. that was opened by his wife Vanessa Trump.


Tom Winter of NBC News reported, “Multiple senior law enforcement officials and city officials here in New York City tell NBC news that at 10:05 the fire department went to 54th street here in Manhattan to the response of a suspicious substance or unknown substance inside of a letter. The letter was addressed, we’re told, to Donald Trump Jr. And the recipient of that letter where the letter ended up going to was Vanessa Trump, his wife’s apartment. She opened the letter and has been taken to the hospital purely as a precaution. This is just to observe them to make sure there’s nothing here, that there’s nothing wrong. We’re told the field tests, tests done on the substance right there in the apartment, they’ve come back negative for any sort of actual biological or weaponized substance. There seems to be no indication what was inside that letter was, in fact, dangerous. Donald Trump jr.’s wife, Vanessa, was taken to the hospital just as a precaution to make sure they can observe her and the NYPD is on the scene along with the fire department. They’re finding out where this may have come from and the investigation obviously continues.”

Vanessa Trump hospitalized for observation

The right is losing their minds because some idiot had to threaten the Trump’s by sending white powder to Donald Trump Jr. The person who sent the letter should be prosecuted, but this is a much different case than when for example a Texas woman tried to mail a bomb to Barack Obama. Donald Trump is intentionally exacerbating partisan divides for political gain. No one deserves to be threatened or spend a very scary period of observation in the hospital, but let’s be honest here. An envelope of white powder would be a slow day on the threat scale for the Obamas.

Trump is fueling this dangerous culture, so those who support him don’t get to play the victim when the inevitable threats start coming.