Disgusted Rep. Maxine Waters Just Tore John Kelly Apart In A Must See Rant

Rep. Maxine Waters of California unloaded on John Kelly and what she called the pathetic and lying Trump White House for covering up and Trying to promote accused wife-beater, Rob Porter.


Rep. Waters (D-CA) said on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes:

I think the discussion that you have had this evening really does define what is absolutely wrong with this white house. The lies, the distortions, the confusion, the chaos, it is pathetic. And, of course, they are all being revealed in what is an attempted cover-up. Who knew what and when did they know it. It is coming out despite the fact that they have tried to you know, tell different stories about when they knew about porter, what they thought once they learned about the fact that he’s a wife beater when one of his wives was shown with a black eye, then all of a sudden, Kelly tried to say that oh, he did not know that. He was shocked by it. And at one point, he certainly had defended him and it sounds as if even today, he’s saying that he thought that he had done things correctly. He lied about the fact that he had been fired or whether or not had he quit voluntarily.

And then Sarah Huckabee Sanders who has tried to defend somebody, everybody all of those who were involved in this confusion has just made it more difficult for anybody to be believe them. But of course, I want you to know, I’ve never believed Kelly. Don’t forget, he is the one that lied on a congresswoman and said that she was an empty barrel. And then supposedly quoted what she had said only to have been found to have lied when the video was shown about her speech that day. And he has refused to apologize. So he has no credibility. I’m not surprised that he’s lying about what he knew, when he knew it, whether or not he fired porter, or whether or not he quit voluntarily. It is a mess. The fact of the matter is porter was a wife beater. He had been proven to have beaten two of his wives, and the way that they have described their beatings, he was brutal. And so they are trying to cover it up. He was in for a promotion and they had know he had not passed his security clearance and probably this is why.

Waters was right. The Trump White House is defined by weak and pathetic liars who can’t get their story straight while trying to promote a wife beater. They have been trying to come up with a story that will sell, but at the end of the day, the scandal only grows deeper, as Rep. Waters gave voice to a frustrated country that is sick of the tweets, lies, and games, and wants to be rid of the failing reality television star president.

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