Lawrence O’Donnell Reduces Fraud Tough Guy John Kelly To Rubble

Lawrence O’Donnell exposed John Kelly as a fraud who was never really running the Trump White House asylum.


O’Donnell said:

A big fat liar. When is the last time you heard that? High school? It doesn’t sound like high school to me. That wasn’t my high school. It sounds like elementary school. It sounds like first grade. Maybe kindergarten. So anyone who has been comparing the Trump White House to high school is way, way, way, way off. It is much more childish than that. The words “A big fat liar” appear in quotation marks in The Washington Post tonight describing White House chief of staff John Kelly and the person doing that is a white house official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

And that same anonymous White House official said, quote, to put it in terms the general would understand, his handling of the porter scandal amounts to dereliction of duty. Anthony Scaramucci may have left the building, but his childishness lives on in the white house. A childishness that John Kelly was brought into change. He was supposed to change all that into a mature, well run professional White House. That same John Kelly is now being called a big fat liar by a White House official who is clearly not afraid of having John Kelly find out who leaked that, and one excellent candidate for that particular possible leak is Gary Cohn. He is a known Trump White House leaker and one of the president’s economic advisers. And Gary Cohn has reported in the same Washington Post article tonight as being a possible replacement for John Kelly as White House chief of staff.

And all the leaking about John Kelly that is now pouring out of the white house these days makes it clear that no one and I mean no one in that White House is afraid of John Kelly. Not anymore. The inmates are once again clearly openly running the asylum after what was only a brief period when John Kelly was apparently pretending to run the asylum.

John Kelly just like everything and everyone else associated with the Trump White House is a lying fraud. The tough general act was a facade. Sure, it worked in the military, but Kelly was up against something that he had never had to deal with before. John Kelly had to control a White House that is dominated by an unstable man who thrives on chaos and dysfunction.

The myth that John Kelly was running the White House was as big of a lie as the stories that the chief of staff has cooked up during the Rob Porter scandal. Lawrence O’Donnell burned John Kelly to the ground because he has been around Washington and he knows that Gen. Kelly is in over his head. John Kelly is a fraud, and his lies are no match for the crazy of the Trump White House.

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