Trump Compelled Five Former Federal Prosecutors To Seek House Seats As Democrats

Thanks to the chaos Trump continues to unleash with everything he does, five former federal prosecutors have decided to seek House seats — and they’re running as Democrats.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Chris Hunter resigned from the job he’d held at the Justice Department for over a decade in December, prompted by Trump’s behavior and the changes in dynamics he witnessed. He listed Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey, his belittling of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio as just some of the reasons he left.

He is now challenging Republican Gus Bilirakis, who represents Florida’s 12th Congressional District. Hunter emphasized that, were a less erratic Republican the president, he probably would not have made the decision to run.

“If Jeb Bush had been the [presidential] nominee and won, no way would I have run,” he said.

Paul Pelletier, another former federal prosecutor running for office, is looking to fill Virginia’s 10th district seat, currently held by Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock. At a public forum on Saturday, Pelletier said Comstock “sits silently each and every day as the president and this Republican Congress denigrate and impugn the integrity of federal law enforcement, the same men and women who protect us every single day.”

Conor Lamb, the third former federal prosecutor running as a Democrat, quit his job in October to campaign for a House seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. The special election will be held on March 13.

Mikie Sherrill and Jay Hulings are former federal prosecutors trying to unseat GOP Reps. Rodney Frelinghuysen in New Jersey and Rep. Will Hurd in Texas, respectively.

The Wall Street Journal noted that it could not find any former federal prosecutors running as Republicans trying to unseat Democrats. Looks like this is another way Trump is unintentionally motivating the left.