White House Refuses To Say That Trump Believes The Women Who Accused Rob Porter of Domestic Violence

When asked by reporters, Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to say that Trump believed the ex-wives who accused Rob Porter of domestic violence.



Q: Does the president believe the women?

Sanders: Again, the president takes all of these accusations very seriously. He believes in due process. Above everything else, he supports the victims ever any type of violence and certainly would condemn any violence.

Q: But we still heard him say that himself.

Sanders: The president dictated that to me comments yesterday which I read out to you.

The White House refuses to publicly support the women

Moral leadership is absent in this administration. It would have been simple for Trump to state that he believes the women and that no one will work in his administration that has been accused of domestic violence. This is a really low hurdle to clear. Just say that you don’t support violence against women.

The problem is that Donald Trump has committed acts of violence against women. He can’t say that he opposes domestic violence, or people will begin to examine Trump’s own behavior in a way that they didn’t during the 2016 presidential election.

A White House that won’t condemn violence against women is not an administration that speaks for the American people.

We don’t need Bob Mueller to know already that Donald Trump is a morally illegitimate president.

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