Princeton Professor: Trump Doesn’t Give A Damn About Working Class White People

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude told MSNBC that Trump’s plan to replace food stamps with food boxes was proof that he doesn’t give a damn at all about working class white people.


Glaude said, “This is the key. I think it is very clear that what this budget shows is that the candidate that claimed he was going to be representing working people left behind working white working class folks really doesn’t give a damn about them. Really doesn’t care at all.”

The presidential budget is meaningless as both a fiscal and a policy document. A president can put anything in their budget and it doesn’t matter. The only reason that a president would include such a cruel plan is to drive the point home that not only does he not care about working-class white people, but his administration is going to use their power to harm them.

Trump doesn’t give a damn about working class white people. He spent his presidential campaign talking about them as forgotten people, but now that he is president, Trump is doing more than forgetting them. He is trying to harm working class white people. The majority of people on food stamps are low-income white families and children, and the message from Trump to all of those working-class whites who voted for him is that he doesn’t give a damn about you.

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