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Republican Trey Gowdy Has Launched An Investigation Into The Rob Porter Scandal

Things are getting even worse for the White House on the Rob Porter story as House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has launched an investigation into the Rob Porter scandal.

Video of Gowdy confirming the investigation on CNN’s New Day:

Gowdy said when asked if he is launching an investigation, “We did last night.”

When asked if the investigation is official, he responded, “That word probably means more to you than it does to me. What matters to me is we are directly inquiries to people that we think have access to information we don’t have. You can call it official. You can call it unofficial. Those words don’t mean anything to me. What means something to me is I’m going to direct questions to the FBI that I expect them to answer. If they don’t answer them, then they’re going to need to give me a really good reason. You’ll learn that reason, and you can judge whether or not it’s a sufficient reason or not. Unless you’re Jack Bower, you can’t make people answer questions. I’ve been trying for seven years to get people to answer questions without a whole lot of success. We’re going to try, and we could use your help if they say no.”

Gowdy wants to know how Rob Porter got a job in the White House

Trey Gowdy and both Republicans and Democrats want to know how Rob Porter got a job in the White House with allegations of domestic violence in his background. The answer to that question is fairly obvious. The Trump administration was told about the allegations, and they ignored them. It didn’t matter to this administration that they were going to hire and promote a wife to a senior position.

Congress needs to know from the FBI what and when they told the White House about Porter.

This story is not going away. It is the Trump scandal that is sticking, and if Congress gets involved with more investigations of Trump, it could be another nail in the coffin of this president.

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