Trump Refuses To Appear On Camera As More Innocent Lives Taken By A Gun

Donald Trump reportedly doesn’t plan to make any on-camera remarks about today’s deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida which left at least 17 innocent people dead.

According to MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin, the White House has “called a lid” for the day, meaning there isn’t likely to be any more public appearances or statements from the president.

After a heartbreaking national tragedy like the one which unfolded Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the president should speak to the American people and try to bring the country together. That’s what leaders do during such moments.

Former President Barack Obama did this repeatedly throughout his presidency, not just trying to bring comfort to the families affected by this senseless violence, but also to urge the American people to come together around solutions that could help prevent future tragedies.

With Obama, we didn’t only get empathy and condolences, but we got a call to action. When Congress didn’t act – and they never did – he did all he could do via executive order to strengthen existing gun laws and try to save at least one American life.

In the case of Trump, there are two main reasons he can’t possibly bring himself to show the same type of leadership: 1. He simply isn’t capable of feeling compassion toward anybody but himself; and 2. He doesn’t care to see any legislative changes to curb gun violence – the NRA has paid him and his GOP allies handsomely to make sure guns flow freely to anybody who wants one, no questions asked.

It’s bad enough that the president continues to stifle any type of legislative action that might prevent future mass shootings and potentially save American lives. It’s a whole new level of cowardice for him to not even speak publicly to the American people after a national tragedy.