Rachel Maddow Turns Up The Pressure And Sends Mike Pence Reeling On Russia Lies

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is pressuring Vice President Mike Pence on his false statement that Russian interference did not impact the election results, and the heat is so intense that Pence’s office is refusing to answer.

Here is how it all went down:

Pence said:

Maddow responded:

Rachel Maddow has extensively covered Mike Pence’s Russia lies

Maddow has discussed the connection between Mike Flynn and Mike Pence. Maddow has called out Pence’s flimsy Russia lies, and how the Russia scandal has Pence in really big trouble. There isn’t anyone else in cable news who has locked in on Mike Pence’s role in this scandal like Rachel Maddow has. The Vice President is not a Russia scandal escape hatch for Republicans. Pence is also in deep on this thing, and he has direct connections to people who have already pled guilty in the Mueller investigation.

Rachel Maddow is keeping the pressure on, and it has gotten so bad that Pence’s office is avoiding her calls.

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