Mittens For Mormons: Mitt Romney Announces Utah Senate Bid

The worst kept political secret of the past year is now official. Mitt Romney is running to replace Sen. Orrin Hatch in Utah.

Here is Romney’s announcement:

Mitt Romney’s announcement video:

Mitt Romney just needed Orrin Hatch to retire

Romney was always going to run for this seat. His biggest problem was convincing Orrin Hatch to retire. Romney’s return to Utah is a big loss for Trump, as the president begged Hatch not to retire. Trump will be losing one of his few cheerleaders in the Senate who will be replaced by one of his biggest critics in the Republican Party. Look for Romney be morally repulsed by Trump, but try to find a middle path.

If there is ever an impeachment trial in the Senate for Trump, Mitt Romney will be an interesting person to watch, since he warned the country about Russia years before the rise of Trump.

Romney is a good fit for Utah and a potential future headache for Trump.