NRA Terrified As Movement Grows To Primary Every Pro-NRA Republican

The NRA is getting scared because, after Parkland, Americans aren’t only angry. They are getting organized and ready to primary pro-NRA Republicans.

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Video of the Morning Joe discussion of primarying pro-NRA Republicans:


Mike Barnacle: Montel, off of that, I have a proposition for you given your history, given your past. It is this. I don’t know whether you went to Marine Corps in San Diego or Paris Island. Take the weapon. Take the high ground: High ground is easiest to defend. The weapons we have to go against the NRA are multiple. We have the vote. Unfortunately, too many Americans don’t use. We also have three really great Americans, three former presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. If you and people like you would get behind forming an organization called not the national rifle association. The national safe gun association. And ask Americans in order to join, donate $5 or $10 or whatever. Raise $100 million. And go primary all of these Republicans who are pro-gun.

Montel Williams: I’m in. I’m in, and I’ll tell you why. I got this. I can’t see another one of these, man. Something needs to be done…Seeing all these school shootings just keeps bringing me back. You need to do something. We need to start doing it today. I’m in. It’s easy. You don’t have to ask me twice. Let’s do it.


Joe Scarborough: Yes, and I tell you what, the thing is I think Montel, your voice is powerful because you’re a gun owner. You believe in the second amendment. Like me, you believe that Americans do have the right to keep and bear arms, but you can also read headlines and read the constitution and read the supreme court decisions that show that this is not some fundamental right for us to be crazy when it comes to this issue.

The liberals who want gun control are in many ways the NRA’s best friend. The NRA hates the common sense moderate position. They want to argue that it is either everyone has easy access to guns, or no one has access to guns. The conversation that they don’t want to have is one where the Second Amendment is protected, but guns are kept out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

The gun industry sells a lot of weapons and ammo to people who might flunk an expanded background check. Each of these mass shooters spends hundreds to thousands of dollars on guns and ammo. The gun industry loses customers if background checks are expanded.

People are coming together to stand up to them, and that is exactly what the NRA fears most.

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