Trump’s Russia Woes Worsen As Rick Gates Flip Could Confirm Crimes

The cooperation of Rick Gates with the Mueller investigation opens the door for the Special Counsel to confirming Trump collusion with Russia and financial crimes.

Video of attorney and former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman on MSNBC:

Holtzman said, “Questions have been raised about his activities in Ukraine. Rick Gates is like a key that opens up Manafort. Opens up whether there was — can confirm whether there was criminality because Manafort has been indicted on money laundering. Remember, manafort was in the big meeting in Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr. That everybody lied about, including the president. Gates wasn’t at the meeting, but Manafort was. Maybe Gates knows, because manafort told him, what happened. So Gates is in a position to tell us about that meeting. He is in a position — not us, but Mueller and the grand jury — he’s in a position to tell them about other activities Manafort was engaged in. Manafort, apparently, was willing to brief one of the Russian oligarchs. Maybe it is a way of getting back to Putin about the Trump campaign. So this could confirm all kinds of collusion. Also, other things that were going on in the campaign at that time because he was raising money for the campaign. He stayed on in the transition.”

Rick Gates has a ton of information that goes beyond Paul Manafort. Long after Manafort was gone, Gates was still with the campaign, and most importantly, he was involved in the transition. Gates has information about the money, Mike Flynn, and Russia connections. Paul Manafort is going to find it hard to maintain his silence once Mueller flips Gates, and when the Manafort domino falls, the Special Counsel will get a lot of answers to key questions.

Beneath all of the daily chaos, the Russia investigation continues to grind along and get closer to Donald Trump.

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