Trump Pouts And Blames Democrats For His Decison To Deport Dreamers

Trump revoked Obama executive action on DACA. Trump blew up the bipartisan deal to protect Dreamers, but he is blaming Democrats for his decision to deport people from the only home that they have ever known.

Trump tweeted:

The DACA issue was caused by Trump

It was Trump’s decision to end DACA. From the beginning, the president miscalculated and thought that he could use the Dreamers as hostages to get Democrats to vote for funding his wall. Democrats and Republicans have refused to fund the border wall that Trump promised Mexico would pay for. The Senate came to Trump with a bipartisan immigration deal that would have protected the Dreamers in exchange for more border security funding, and Trump rejected it.

The President has made it clear privately that he wants to deport the Dreamers. No DACA fix would meet with his approval unless it guts the legal immigration system. Democrats and many Republicans aren’t supporting Trump plan. The Trump got the fewest votes of any plan voted on in the Senate for a reason. It is bad policy.

Trump’s game of blaming Democrats for he is doing isn’t working. Voters see through his childish tactics.

Trump is losing, and the losses will only grow as images of Dreamers being deported play in a continuous loop on cable news. Democrats have been fighting for Dreamers. It is Trump who is determined to deport them.