As His World Crumbles, Trump Responds To Russian Indictments With Total Delusion


Trump responded to the news that 13 Russians have been indicted for meddling in the US election to help him with a statement of total delusion.

Trump tweeted:


Trump response was a cherry-picked fantasy. The indictment says that the Russian activities began in 2014, not that the election meddling started then. The indictment also does not clear the Trump campaign of collusion. It only states that no Americans participated knowingly in this part of the Russian operation. What Trump is ignoring is that the hacked DNC emails were also a large part of the Russian operation.

Trump has 4 former campaign staffers under indictment

The indictment does not clear Trump or his campaign of anything.

Trump’s world is crumbling, and he is grabbing on to any piece of debris that he can find to try to hang on. The President’s weak attempts at spin aren’t going to sway anyone besides his loyalists.

The Russian indictments were one piece of a bigger puzzle. There are many more shoes yet to drop in this investigation.