MSNBC Nails Trump For Trying Distract From Russian Election Interference


MSNBC showed how the media should be handling Trump’s efforts to distract from Russian election interference.


Here is how MSNBC’s Geoff Bennett handled Trump’s meltdown tweets about the Russian indictment, “White House official tells us all options are on the table, when it comes to retaliating against Russian, and as you mentioned, the president’s reaction so far is what the newly unsealed indictments might mean for him politically. He writes this. The Russians had no i78 pact; there was no collusion with the Trump campaign. She, meaning Clinton” lost the old-fashioned way. Being a terrible candidate, case closed. So, far less of a focus on the fact that a foreign government targeted American citizens through information warfare, and sought to defraud the American democratic system as the indictments alleged.”


MSNBC didn’t just repeat what Trump and the White House said and leave it there. They attached some context to Trump’s outburst that helps to provide the why behind Trump’s tweets. Trump isn’t worried about the country. He is only concerned with his own political future. Hence, the quote about Hillary Clinton. Secondly, MSNBC called out Trump’s attempt to change the subject away from Russian election interference.

Trump doesn’t want to talk about Russian election interference. He wants to talk about the conspiracy that is out to get him, or the media, or Hillary Clinton. The one thing that Trump does not want to discuss is Russian election interference, which is why it is essential that journalists add context and bring up the topic that Trump is trying to avoid.

These journalistic choices can either enable Trump or help to save democracy.

On this story, MSNBC made the clear and right choice.