Trump Is Having A Full Blown Meltdown Over The Mueller Russian Indictments


It took a day, but Donald Trump finally got to his Twitter account and is unleashing a meltdown full of lies, deceptions, misdirections, and dodges after Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians for election interference.

Trump tweeted:


Trump is making 3 false arguments

1). Trump is twisting the indictment to vindicate himself and his campaign. The Russian indictment was just a small slice of the investigation into how Russians used social media to spread false information, sow discord, support Trump, and oppose Clinton. The indictment was not the last word on the Russia investigation. What Rosenstein said was that no American was knowingly involved in this piece of the Russian operation. He did not say that the Trump campaign was not involved with Russia in any way.

2). Trump is cherry picking the timeline. The indictment does say that the Russian operations began in 2014, but this is also shortly after Trump returned from hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. The Russians began interfering to support Trump in June of 2016, not 2014. Until that time they had been spreading false information against Hillary Clinton.

3). Trump is arguing that the Russian ad spending didn’t matter. Russian ads targeted 141 million Americans on Facebook during the election. To put this into perspective, Trump has 47.9 million Twitter followers half of which according to independent analysis are fake.

Trump is freaking out over the legitimacy of his presidency

The last tweet in the list that Trump posted is really what his meltdown is about. Trump knows that most Americans have questions about the legitimacy of his presidency. The Russian social media operation doesn’t connect to the Trump campaign directly, but it is proof that the Russians influenced the election for Trump. In other words, Trump’s win wasn’t a pure expression of the will of the American people.

The White House kept Trump away from Twitter for a day, but they couldn’t prevent the meltdown, but the Russia scandal is the dark cloud of illegitimacy that hangs over Trump.