After Ignoring Parkland Shooting Victims, Trump Went To A Disco Party


After ignoring Parkland shooting victims during his visit Donald and Melania Trump went to a disco party at their private Florida club.

Here is what Trump did after his visit:

As a nation mourns, Trump does the hustle


According to White House pool reporters who with Trump in Parkland, the president mostly ignored the school shooting victims while praising members of law enforcement who praised him back. Trump was so unmoved by what he saw in Parkland that he had no trouble going to a Studio 54 themed disco party at his private club afterward. Trump has no humanity. The President has no soul.

The children of Parkland who are calling on him to lead the charge to do something about gun violence are going to be disappointed because Donald Trump doesn’t care.

Trump doesn’t care about your dead friends and relatives who died because the NRA controls Congress and the White House. Trump doesn’t care that you are laying in a hospital bed physically and emotionally scarred by a mentally ill gunman’s preventable act.

Donald Trump has a party to get to, so here’s a smile and thumbs up, because to this president, you are already forgotten.