New Pennsylvania Voting Map Gives Democrats Everything They Wanted


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court unveiled the redrawn district map, and the result is a fairer map that will be great for Democrats in the Keystone State.

Here is the new map:


The new map is logical, geographical, and it makes perfect sense, which is why Pennsylvania Republicans are going to sue.

Josh Barro of Business Insider tweeted that the map got rid of the insane Republican practice of splitting up district numbers:

Nate Cohn of The New York Times put it this way:

This is a balanced map:

The new map is great for Democrats

The map reflects Pennsylvania’s purple status much more than the Republican-drawn map that led to the GOP holding a 13-5 advantage in the state’s US House delegation. The new map is fair, which is all Democrats wanted. The map is great for Democrats because they will no longer be clustered into a few districts. As a Pennsylvania native, my first thought was that there are going to be a whole lot more Democrats voting in districts that Republicans have held for nearly a decade.

This is what a fair map based on actual geography and population looks like. State Republicans can sue, but the odds are that this map is the new playing field for congressional candidates in Pennsylvania.