Trump Is Throwing Himself A Pity Party And Blaming Obama For Russia Scandal

Trump spent President’s Day in self-pity and trying to blame the former president, Barack Obama, for his Russia scandal.

First Trump wanted America to reflect on President’s Day:

Later in the day, Trump made it clear that he wants America to reflect on blaming Obama for the Russia scandal:

Trump is blaming Obama to keep his Republican base with him

Trump learned a very important lesson from Fox News. Republicans love conspiracies. Trump has been in overdrive for a year as he tries to turn the Russia scandal into a conspiracy against him. None of his previous efforts captured the imagination the way that he wanted, so he is pulling out Obama. Trump understands that in the Republican mind anything involving Obama is bad, so he is hoping that by dragging Obama into his scandal, he will keep the Republican Party solidly behind him no matter what Mueller finds.

Trump is also a deeply troubled man who really does believe that he is the victim in the Russia scandal and that everything is Obama’s fault. Trump really does believe that he is the victim of an Obama conspiracy, and his tweet wondering why Obama didn’t deal Russian election interference is an act of self-pity. Woe is Trump. Everyone loves Obama. No one loves Trump.

It is a pity party in 280 characters or less, and also a fitting way for the worst president in history to spend President’s Day.