Trump Launches New Stealth Attack To Jack Up Your Health Insurance Premiums

Trump is proposing a new rule that would allow insurance companies to sell junk short-term insurance plans that would raise premiums and reduce insurance coverage for millions.

Trump wants to extend the coverage period for short-term insurance plans from three months to a year. The short-term plans don’t meet ACA standards, won’t cover preexisting conditions, and are considered to be junk insurance.

The Center For Budget and Policy Priorities explained:

Because short-term plans offer less coverage and can deny coverage or charge higher prices to people with pre-existing conditions, they offer lower premiums for some healthy consumers than comprehensive plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a number of groups representing both insurers (such as America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association) and consumers (including CBPP) have warned: “If short-term plans are allowed to be sold as a long-term alternative to regular health insurance, they will attract healthier consumers away from the regular insurance risk pool and endanger people’s access to comprehensive coverage.”

Trump’s proposed short-term plan rule is all about destabilizing the ACA marketplace

Trump is trying to peel off healthy people from the ACA marketplace and shift them to junk insurance plans that will offer them poor coverage, little benefit, and cause health insurance premiums to rise for everyone else. The problem for anyone who buys one of these junk plans is that if they develop a preexisting condition or get sick under these policies, the care that they need will not be covered.

The Trump administration is still quietly working to wreck your health insurance. Obamacare repeal is not being debated in Congress, and the issue has vanished from the front pages and cable news segments, but Donald Trump is still trying to harm your health. Behind the distraction of Trump’s tweets is an agenda that intends to make life worse for average Americans.