Fox News Host Accuses Media of Using Parkland Survivors for Fake News

If you’re wondering how threatened the NRA is by the current backlash and activism of the survivors of the Florida massacre, Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes accused the media of using students for “propaganda to peddle a fake news narrative” saying survivors of the Parkland shooting “have been brainwashed by government-funded indoctrination camps – pardon me – public schools.”

The focus for Starnes is what he sees as an “attack on President Trump and the National Rifle Association.”

This “attack” on Trump and the NRA, also known as a mass shooting that actually killed 17 people, takes a page out of the “Rules for Radicals”, Starnes tells us, “turning innocent children into propaganda pawns to peddle a fake news narrative.”

Starnes quotes a child on CBS blaming President Trump for not doing anything on gun control, and as if he doesn’t know that Trump revoked Obama-era rule on background checks or took a lot of money from the NRA or shares a party affiliation with the party in charge of both the House and Senate, responds, “President Trump does not control the House or the Senate. It’s too bad the CBS host did not correct the young man. Maybe CBS didn’t know any better, either.”

So Trump is in control of the House and Senate when it comes to getting tax cuts for the rich, but not when it comes to protecting innocent children.

Pro-Trump sites like the Gateway Pundit are desperately trying to smear student survivors, going so far as to use the fact that one of them is the son of an FBI agent to smear him. Donald Trump, Jr retweeted that story, which gets bonus points for burying itself in conspiracy clouded “questions” meant to make connections where none exist.

“It’s a sign of how potent these kids are, just speaking for themselves, that the pro-Trump media has turned to efforts to discredit and slime them,” the New York Times’ Nick Confessore wrote over the Gateway Pundit “article”.

All of this is going on around a Trump White House whose reaction to the Florida massacre was relief that they were getting a reprieve from the horrible coverage they’d been suffering under.

The steeped in self-pity Trump movement is so mired in grotesque attempts to justify the abhorrent that they aren’t even pretending to have a stake in appearing to aspire to claiming a moral high ground. This reflects the direction of the conservative movement in general, it’s not a one-off. This is what happens when a movement lets its values be eclipsed by big corporate money agendas.

There aren’t enough crosses or American flags in the world to disguise the immoral swamp that is Trupminess.